Unlimited Adventure

Investigations and Discoveries

It took only a moment for someone to answer the woman in the doorway. He tried to calm her down and took her outside.

Following them out, you heard that her daughter had gone missing… and this wasn’t the first child to disappear.

Pledging your support, as long as you could hear the story, the miner and the woman opened up to you.

Over the past few weeks, children have disappeared with no trace of there whereabouts. At the same time, the primary shaft of the silver mines had inadvertently broken through to one of the upper most caverns of the Underdark. Some of the minors fearing a correlation between these events had gone down into the opening but have not been heard from in two days.

Deciding that time was of the essence, you immediately set off. The miner guided you to the deepest parts of the shaft and offered to stay for two hours before he returned to the village.

Inside you found a large chamber with many branches leading off. You were quickly set upon by both giant subterranean rats as well as foul goblins. Following their tracks you came across a twisting stinking tunnel that looked to have been the home of a small goblin tribe. However – what awaited you at the end was no mere goblin, but a Drow – one of the most feared creatures of the Underdark.

A battle ensued, leaving the Drow dead and much of the party wounded. Behind where you found him was something unexpected…


Cyrael Cyrael

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